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With over 50 years of experience combined, we’ve built long-term, solid partnerships in the telecom and technology sectors that allow us to source the best resources across our clients’ entire technology stack, including telecom and mobility expense management. This allows us to become a zero-cost extension to their technology department, ensuring they receive the best pricing and experience while acquiring, provisioning, integrating, and managing their technology needs.

As the wireless industry changes, we work directly with the carrier management support teams to ensure continued success for our partners’ businesses. We utilize the carriers’ direct portal access and management support tools, allowing us to improve our partners’ support models within each desired telecom area.

The Executive Team

Nick Wilson

Founder, President & CEO
Nick Wilson

I have over 20 years of experience in the wireless industry. My career began in the paging business before moving to Phoenix, Arizona to work for Nextel. In 2001, I saw a growing need on the indirect-side of the industry and formed new partnerships there. Under the advisement of great mentors, I learned a lot about the industry and am thankful for their guidance and the knowledge they provided me. Wanting to create my own business, I moved to Dallas, Texas and started the GuerraWilson Group. In 2017, I partnered with Robbie Vega to merge our businesses together and rebranding it as GuerraWilson Group. Working with Gavin Maloof, we have become a top provider in the telecom and technology consulting business. My goal has always been to build something different in the industry and provide the best services and experience for the companies we serve.

Gerry Wergin

Vice President - Government Solutions
Nick Wilson

I am a dynamic, results-driven strategic manager and sales professional. I bring 12+ years of experience to the Government provisioning business at GuerraWilson Group. I spent eight years as a sales manager at West Business Solutions, responsible for strategic management of inside sales activities. Before that, I was owner and Vice President of SJW Bakeries, LLC in Wisconsin. I also have experience in receivables management services, consulting with wireless communications companies. I look forward to developing client relationships and expanding our reach with the Government, Medical and First Responders Solutions here at GuerraWilson Group.

The Management Team

Gary Reynolds

VP of Operations
Nick Wilson

I’ve spent many years in the telecommunications industry. Prior to moving into sales, I identified an industry need for trained individuals to install switching and transmission equipment that is used today in all telephone central offices. Based on that need, I designed curriculum, negotiated state funding contracts, supervised student recruitment, and subsequent job placement for the industry. I’ve worked for the government, public safety, construction, agribusiness, field service, transportation, and healthcare, providing accounting, consulting, facilitating, and training. Today, I provide business-to-business sales for GuerraWilson Group. On average, my clients achieved a 20% increase in profitability.

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