GuerraWilson Group Providers

Delivering Top Performance for Our Clients’ Needs

We Understand Your Expense Management Business

Our expense breakdown reports present better options for revenue growth

Our in-depth analysis of your carrier needs will provide a better understanding of your expense management business and create the most revenue for your existing client accounts.

Are your current carriers providing the latest wireless options for your clients?

Can you generate more revenue with multiple carrier solutions?

What is the total footprint for each carrier in your clients’ portfolio?

After reviewing your current portfolio, our account managers make recommendations based on the opportunities each carrier provides, allowing you to discover new ways to generate revenue. We’ll introduce your team to all the telecommunications options available, roll out these new services, and train your account managers to use the new carrier portals and tools directly.

Our knowledgeable team also provides direct support for your large telecommunication carrier migration and contract negotiations. We make this carrier-to-carrier transition a seamless process by guiding you through the following:

  • Understanding your clients’ current carrier relationships
  • Auditing your wireless ordering process and workflow
  • Reviewing your clients’ current Service Level Agreements
  • Discovering the percentage for each carrier’s footprint within your client base
  • Integrating new carrier tools and portals into your daily process
  • Providing extensive training for your account team
  • Showcasing where you can start generating new streams of revenue
  • Provide account updates, inventory reports, product promotions and trend reports

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