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Connectivity Solutions By GuerraWilson Group

Together with PlanetOne, we provide enterprise businesses with the services, technology solutions and sales resources needed to keep their teams connected anytime, anywhere. We source from a broad range of flexible and scalable network solutions, including high-speed access to the Internet, Ethernet or MPLS-based WAN solutions to support mission-critical applications.

Gigabit Ethernet

The standard ethernet option for fast networking and communication technology. An ultra-high capacity IP transit service for enterprises, by way of a fiber-optic cable, maximizes data throughput of 1,000 megabits, or 1 gigabit, per second.

  • Standard throughput for most modems and routers
  • Improves communications for companies and data centers
  • Works well with CAT5e and CAT6 cable standards

Metro Fiber Ethernet

A high-capacity broadband service using a fiber-optic cable for transit between the carrier network and the end-user. Metro fiber optics span across a location and ethernet is the type of IP handoff at each end of the connection.

  • A commercial internet service provider must provide fiber
  • Easy to add additional bandwidth
  • Transmission speeds can reach 100 gigabytes

Ethernet Over Copper (EOC)

EOC offers a broadband connection to the internet at speeds ranging from 2.0 megabits to 75 megabits. The closer the customer is to the carrier’s central office, the faster the connection capability and broadband speeds.

  • Runs over the copper already installed in the building
  • Most popular option in high-density cities and suburbs
  • Slower bandwidth capabilities than fiber-optic cable

Ethernet Over DS1 (EODS1)

Ethernet internet connectivity with T1 availability. EoDS1 installs DS1 loops and specialized equipment, delivering ethernet service without distance or building restrictions. These services cost less than traditional bonded circuits while offering faster speed and reliability.

  • Cheaper to use than bonded T1’s
  • Limited bandwidth options (1.5M, 3.0M, and 6.0M only)
  • A good alternative when EoC or fiber is limited

Business DSL

A Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) provides high-speed internet access using the same copper phone wires used for telephone service. This access makes it widely available to anyone with a standard phone line.

  • Full access to both internet and voice services
  • Widely available from internet service providers, depending on location
  • Provides different speeds that are faster than traditional dial-up

Business Cable Internet

Traditional cable internet providers now offer a large selection of services for businesses, including internet access, internet transit and peering, domain name registration and hosting, voice and phone features, plus television services.

  • Faster speeds than DSL, satellite, or dial-up
  • Slower speeds than fiber optic solutions
  • Dependent on the number of network users, causing slow data usage

T1 Internet

T1 lines have copper wire, optical and wireless media. A stand-alone data T1 can carry twenty-four digitized voice channels and data at the speed of 1.544 megabits per second.

  • Dedicated internet connections
  • Costs increase per megabit and vary by location
  • Provides internet access where coax or cable is limited or costly

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

MPLS allows your network to flow at faster speeds, quickly restores lost connections, while consistently monitoring the security of your system. Learn more about MPLS and see which carriers provide this service.

Software Defined Networking (SDN

SDN is a new, dynamic and cost-effective architecture that is ideal for high-bandwidth business applications. This gateway can prioritize traffic across an underlying internet network, allowing you to select voice as more important than other types of traffic going across the same system.

Wide Area Network (WAN) Ethernet

WAN uses physical circuits or packet switching as a virtual connection to transmit data between separate network structures of your enterprise. Choose a WAN to connect your cloud services, headquarters and smaller branch divisions seamlessly.

Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)

VPLS provides Ethernet-based point-to-point communication over IP or MPLS networks. All services in a VPLS appear to be on the same LAN, regardless of location. Not tied to a physical interface, VPLS enables rapid and flexible service between customers and service providers.

Point-to-Point Networks

This data link layer allows two locations to securely send sensitive or confidential data between each other, without a host provider. The low latency of the network provides a faster connection. GWG can guide choosing the best carriers and equipment for your investment.

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