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Mobility Support For
Government, Healthcare & First Responders

With extensive experience navigating public sector procurement channels, GWG provides white-glove mobility support exclusively to government, healthcare, and first-responder account servicing teams.

The carrier-support team at GWG has built long-standing relationships with top carriers, mobile equipment providers, and government procurement agencies. We work with these providers to ensure that your hardworking public sector employees and emergency teams are outfitted with the best telecom and technology tools available to keep our communities healthy, safe, and secure.

Established Partnerships
Ensure Accuracy & Responsiveness

Few companies with public sector procurement divisions have as much experience as our team does. GWG has established a strong team of veterans with deep knowledge about the government procurement process. Take a look at some of the agencies, support teams, and service providers that our group can provide to government, healthcare, or first responder teams.

Government Agency Servicing and Support

While many new firms are just now entering this niche space, our team at GWG has years of experience servicing agencies, establishing relationships, and gaining a deeper understanding of state-level agreements and addendums.

We work in partnership with federal, state and local agencies to secure the best resources on the market today for your organization.

GPO Compliance

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) provide pre-negotiated rates for various purchases, including telecommunications.


Texas Department of Information Resources provides contracts and services for IT products, managed services, telecom, and security services.


National Association of State Procurement Officers dedicates itself to advancing public procurement through leadership, excellence, and integrity.


NPPGov provides nationwide cooperative public procurement solutions, including contracts for Fire and Rescue and Law Enforcement.

Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Today’s healthcare teams rely on telecom and technology solutions to provide accurate monitoring and collection of data for analysis in patient care. Cross-functional teams can work across remote offices, clinics, and hospitals sharing the same technical resources.

The industry is in demand for better data storage, remote access to information, and cost-effective tools to analyze technical data quickly. We can guide your group to choose the right technology and telecom services that will benefit both the medical providers and the patients that continue to demand better user-friendly services from their healthcare providers.


FirstNet actively seeks cutting-edge mobile applications that support the public safety community in fulfilling their critical missions.


Proper specimen storage is vital to a patient’s care. We offer guidance in choosing the best technology systems for tracking and logging critical temperature control points within a hospital, lab, clinic, or private doctor’s office.


Wireless reception can be problematic inside healthcare facilities. GWG offers onsite evaluations of building schematics and solutions including wireless boosters, antennas, and routers. We can improve cellular service, making it accessible to everyone, in all parts of the building.


Mutualink enables reliable sharing of communication and data content across public and private sectors by placing radio, video, and data media onto whatever wired or wireless IP connectivity exists in the organization. It is based on FEMA’s National Incident Management System (NIMS).

Solutions for Our First Responders

GWG works closely with mobile service providers and technology partners to secure the connections and devices designed to meet the mission-critical mobile communication needs for police, firefighters, EMS, and emergency management teams.

GWG was one of the first companies to receive First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) certification.
Receiving this certification allows us to work closely with our partners at AT&T to ensure devices meet the public safety standards set forth by the agency.

We can source everything from smartphones, tablets, in-vehicle routers (IVR), and other specialty devices designed specifically for use by task force leaders and in-the-field first responders. We can secure a range of devices that are accessible, affordable, and convenient for your team.

Firstnet Certified

First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) actively seeks cutting-edge mobile applications that support the public safety community in fulfilling their critical missions.


AT&T enables solution providers the ability to deliver technology to customers that address mission-critical business needs while generating substantial business opportunities.


Sprint’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) provides short-term wireless telecommunications equipment, infrastructure, and operations support to first responders during any level of disaster or planned short-term event.


Verizon’s Responder Private Core separates public safety data communications from commercial and consumer traffic. Other features include mobile broadband priority and reallocation of network resources during emergency situations.

Get Instant Access
To Your Carrier Accounts

Our exclusive, carrier API-enabled PROCŪR platform provides your team with self-service capabilities to rapidly deploy devices in the field exactly at your contracted rate—even for upgrades. No more waiting. No more back and forth. No more mistakes.

We created our portal, PROCŪR, to be simple and intuitive. You’ll find all the carrier ordering and support API’s included, ensuring changes are confirmed instantaneously.

Receive Concierge Services With GWG

Our high-touch, pre-and post-sale support teams (coupled with our staging, kitting, and deployment services for stock and non-stock items) ensure you get all the attention necessary to care for users efficiently and effectively.

Staging & Kitting

Our team works with carriers to ensure new devices include the required documentation, software programs, and accessories so they are out-of-the-box ready when shipped to the first responders.

  • Standardize procedures ensure scaled device rollouts
  • Able to handle devices from multiple carriers
  • Asset tracking and help with warranty issues

Deployment Services

With PROCŪR, our efficient customer-facing portal, your team can submit requests promptly, often in less time than sending a request via email.

  • Removes the delays in response time
  • Fully automates the procurement process, eliminating the potential for human errors
  • Quick processing of bulk orders; 500 lines in under 5 minutes

Non-stock Devices

The unique partnerships that GWG has with carriers and technology suppliers allows us to request and distribute the best devices and resources on the market today—mission-critical advancements that can save time and effort for a first

  • Nextivity
  • Cradle Point
  • Sierra Wireless
  • PepLink

Pre- & Post-Sale Support

GWG agents ensure a seamless deployment of your customers’ mobile staging—including on-location service and support. While we’re on site, your team can focus on generating new leads for your business.

  • New opportunity identification
  • Establish ongoing support, user training, and technical support
  • Cybersecurity support

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