Technology / Telecom Solutions

Complimentary Consulting and Sourcing of Your Voice, Cloud and Networking Requirements

We're Connected with Over 300 Telecom Partners

GWG’s unique relationships with all the major partners in the industry allow us to source the best prices and availability for voice, cloud solutions, connectivity, data storage, and networking tools on your behalf, and at zero cost to you.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Computing Benefits Your Business With Self-Service Provisioning, Scalability And Pay-Per-Use Savings

GWG works with industry-leading cloud solution providers to help businesses get their applications running faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance. Cloud computing enables IT to rapidly adjust resources to meet fluctuating and unpredictable business demand.

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Connectivity Solutions

GWG Provides Consulting Services To Keep Your Enterprise Connected Anytime, Anywhere

Together with PlanetOne, we source from a broad range of flexible and scalable network solutions, including high-speed access to the Internet, Ethernet or MPLS-based WAN solutions to support mission-critical applications. We consult and negotiate with trusted suppliers to solve your IT and telephony needs today, with scalability for tomorrow.

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Data Center (COLO) Solutions

Expert Analysis And Assistance For Finding Reliable, Secure Data Storage

Protect your data in a facility designed specifically for these needs. Storing data in a colocation facility, or colo, ensures that business files are protected, secure, and stored in the optimal working environment. GWG will source local and national colos to provide your enterprise with the best location for your needs. Spaces lease by the rack, cabinet, cage or room, and some colos also offer managed business services.

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We Can Help You Choose The Right Calling Features And Internet Options

We work directly with leading technology providers to supply businesses with a wide range of voice solutions. We ensure that you receive exceptional care from pre-sales support to provisioning. We want every step of the process to be seamless and on-time.

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